Below are comments from associates, peers, clients, and other professionals taken from my Linkedin Profile.


Steve Stauning, eCommerce Director, Asbury Automotive Group (business partner)

“Mark Dubis is one of the few genuinely committed and passionate people in the industry. His honest efforts to help others move their businesses forward and his visionary style are a welcomed relief from the constant barrage of snake-oil salesmen who have no goal other than to separate a client from their money. He is a rare individual and a pleasure to work with.”
January 21, 2012

Sara Callahan, Owner of Carter West Public Relations “I have worked with Mark on several projects over the years and it has always been a pleasure as Mark is very knowledgeable, trustworthy and provides consistently superb work. He is a wonderful writer/editor and really knows the industry well. I have called him several times just to get advice and he has always had a good and detailed knowledgeable answer. You cannot go wrong working with Mark!”
November 18, 2011

Christopher Ferris, eCommerce Manager, Accent Auto Group / Saab Nashua North

“I had the pleasure of being contacted by Mark Dubis in 2007 and asked to attend a digital dealer conference in Nashville TN, where I was fortunate to receive an award for creativity from the Association of Automotive Internet Sales Professionals. From our very first telephone conversation, Mark exuded a calm confidence and a bona fide, genuine enthusiasm for the automotive business that caught my attention and left an extremely positive impression. Incredibly knowledgeable about rapidly changing automotive industry market conditions and specialized web 2.0-related trends, Mark has always been willing to share his sage advice and counsel with less experienced persons (example: Chris Ferris), and he did so on a recurring basis without expecting anything tangible in return. To this day, Mark remains one of my favorite and most valued mentors whose continuing kindness (willingness to help me grow and prosper) I will never forget. In an industry known for the presence of more than a few individuals who are selfish, Mark Dubis chooses to be the selfless man whose benevolence and concern for the well being of others make the retail automotive business a much more stable place where insiders and customers can meet and interact in a stress-free environment.
August 19, 2009

Cory Mosley, Founder, Mosley Automotive Group LLC

“Mark is a true statesman in the go-go-go Automotive industry. Mark brings complete professionalism to every project he is involved in as well as a genuine interest in client satisfaction. He has been a great resource, confidant, and business associate. I recommend Mark and his services without reservation.”
November 6, 2009

spacerMichael Baker, EVP/COO/CEO of Bob Baker Auto Groupspacer“Mark is a remarkable man of digital knowledge and application. He was a pioneer as the auto industry was adopted in the early 2000s. His staying ahead of the bell curve with innovative applications via intuitive knowledge with Incredible intellect to boot. His company is very much pioneer in the auto industry, as Mark is definitely a digital visionary.”
July 25, 2011

spacerJim Leman, Managing Editor, Dealer magazine spacer“Mark was editor of e-communications products for Horizon Communications when I was managing editor at that company’s print magazines. Mark created and launched that organization’s e-magazines and newsletters and help to establish the company’s sponsorship of two key Internet car sales professional associations and conventions. He is a diligent, focused and creative communicator and business professional; he is easy to work with and punctual. I recommend Mark as a writer and especially as an e-business expert for anyone wanting to enter or maximize their presence on the web.”
September 26, 2007


Sean Geehan, President and CEO, Geehan Advisory Boards

“Mark is a visionary with a practical twist. He can sift through a market and see real trends developing…he can also translate these insights to help organizations understand how they can benefit. It’s a combination that delivers powerful results.”
February 25, 2007


Jesse Biter , CEO, HomeNet, Inc.

“Mark knows EVERYONE in the automotive industry and is able to get the job done! I highly recommend him for any networking / information based project.”
February 21, 2007


Mark Tewart, President, Tewart Enterprises Inc.

“Mark Dubis has an exciting venture called This is an automotive social networking site that allows auto dealers, salespeople and customers to interact and creates a rating system for dealers and their personnel. Mark is an innovator and smart marketer.”
March 13, 2008


Susan Givens, President, Systems Marketing, Inc. (AutoSuccess Magazine)

“Mark Dubis is one of the most honorable, honest and intelligent people I know. His networking strengths are incredible and knowledge of the automotive industry is amazing.”
March 19, 2008

Gary May, President/Consultant, Interactive Marketing and Consulting Services (IM@CS)

“Mark has and continues to affect the auto industry with his insight, knowledge and drive for what he believes in. As a tireless leader, he has developed ways to keep dealers and his peers in more control of their business and interaction with the public. Mark is determined to partner, support and work with those who understand the value of a better place to make, market and sell cars. He has my full recommendation and I hope to work with him for years to come.”
October 30, 2008


Louis D. LoPresti II, SVP, Marketing Strategy, MoConDi, LTD

“Mark is an excellent associate with superb business acumen and a truly wide breadth of knowledge in the automotive industry. My conversations and dealings with Mark are continually upbeat, educational, and enjoyable. I believe Mark is developing a unique proprietary tool for his industry that promises to over exciting engagement for both consumers and businesses.”
November 8, 2007


Eric Hinkle, Business Consultant

“Mark Dubis is a consummate professional and am honored to call him friend. On many occasions I have reached out to Mark for knowledge, strategy and business decisions. His integrity comes from his attention level to the issue(s) and his desire to provide an honest answer. His experience in the auto industry is very deep and I trust his sound judgment implicitly. Thank you for all you have been to me, Mark.
April 9, 2008


Todd Friesner, Senior Vice-President, Planning & Product Manager, Dealer Finance, National City Bank

“I have known Mark for the past 10 years, 4 of which he reported to me as the Marketing Manager for the indirect automotive arm of National City Bank. Mark has very high integrity and a passion for his work. Mark likes to think “out of the box” and isn’t afraid to ask “what if!” He understands and embraces a team approach and was a lot of fun to work with!”
July 24, 2007


Curtis DeGroote, Director of Sales & Marketing, Bulldog Marketing Technologies

“Mark is a great visionary. He has passion! A great leader for”
July 20, 2008


Dave Hein, President & CEO, BDC Management Group

“I have worked with Mark for many years through several sectors in the Automotive marketplace. Mark is one of the most forward thinking individuals in the market, placing strong emphasis on developing, testing and refining creative solutions to help automotive retailers succeed.”
March 10, 2007


Gilbert Chavez, E-Marketing Director, Phil Long Dealerships

“Mark is the quintessential professional. He undoubtedly gives 100 percent effort in everything he does. He is highly respected and has the utmost integrity and honesty. You can always count on Mark to be up front, frank, and speak straight to the subject at hand. Mark also has one of those rarest of qualities as being a truly nice person. Mark is a go to guy that not only can talk the talk, but also can walk the walk.”
March 23, 2007


Kenneth Moyes, Senior Vice President, National City Bank

“I interacted with Mark on a regular basis for 5 years and found him to have a high degree of integrity and a passion for innovation using cutting edge technology. He demonstrated the appropriate drive measured against the company culture to successfully achieve goals. He has an uncanny intrinsic understanding of the automobile industry and how to succeed in it.”
August 11, 2007