Supporting Causes

I am a sponsor and volunteer working regularly with Edie Hand to advance the You Pave The Way program to help build the self esteem of children and teenagers. This work is part of the Edie Hand Foundation’s mission.

I encourage individuals and companies to support and sponsor the work of this program in their communities. This is a great program for dealerships to sponsor and shows your support for building a better neighborhood for our children.


Working for much of my life in the auto industry, it’s clear that women are often undervalued as employees and don’t always get the level of service or respect they deserve as customers. That is ironic considering women directly or indirectly are responsible for over 68% of the vehicles purchasedWe need to recognize women for their talent, business acumen and the true value they offer our industry and our country. Please visit the MissRepresentation.Org website and if you feel strongly about helping to make a change, then I encourage you to “Take the Pledge.”

View the Miss Representation Trailer on YouTube


Over the last two decades I have been a Red Cross Blood Donor and was inspired by my father to do this, as he had done his entire adult life.

It doesn’t take much time, but means so much to so many. When I got a card from the Red Cross saying that my donations helped save the lives of 30 people it showed me in a tangible fashion that I was making a difference in someone’s life.

I encourage everyone eligible to take some time and donate blood. It could end up saving someone you love.