Boost Revenue with a Marketing Consigliere

Increased Engagement & Reputation Building Creates More Floor Traffic

Car dealers are under constant pressure from consumers, manufacturers, third-party vendors, and regulatory agencies. But who is watching out for the dealers?

My role is not unlike that of Tom Hagen, the Consigliere (trusted advisor) in the Godfather movie. Robert Duvall’s character protected the Godfather and offered him sage advice.  My services though are completely legal, ethical, and creative.  Simply, I watch out for dealer clients and make sure they have the best marketing and customer engagement solutions for their location and budget. 

I assist in helping dealers find the right sources and provide a streamlined process to help dealers identify the best products, services, and vendors for their location based on their current marketing strategies.  Additionally, I initiate, develop, and execute various marketing solutions (digital and traditional), and when needed I have access to a vast network of professionals who can provide any service not available ‘in-house’.  With a flexible pricing plan, these services can be customized to get just what you need.

What are you doing to get more customers in the door?

We all know that marketing, promotions and digital media are needed to drive more customers to dealerships today. Having a Marketing Consigliere means you get honest answers about vendors, services, and strategies to improve profits and performance. This program works as a stand-alone marketing program, or in conjunction with your current resources such as an advertising agency, television station, local printer, and media outlets. As someone with 20+ years of automotive and marketing experience, working in auto dealerships in South Florida and owning one of the top independent leasing companies in the Miami and Pompano Beach areas; I know how to help dealerships succeed in a tough market.

For larger projects or initiatives, I have access to a network of professionals who know the auto industry and can provide any needed resources for special promotions and/or ad campaigns.  Programs do not require any long-term commitment.

Call (216) 712-6712 to hear how a Marketing Consigliere can boost your brand and profits. 

Marketing Programs that are:

High Impact,  High Value, & Low Cost! 

“As a Marketing Consigliere my goal is to make sure clients have the best marketing and customer engagement solutions for their location and budget.” 

Mark R. Dubis
Mark’s background in automotive, finance and digital marketing is something rarely seen in our industry. He’s worked in dealerships, owned a vehicle leasing company, trained special finance departments, was a VP of Marketing for Key Bank USA, created the National City Auto Channel during his tenure with National City Bank, and was the first full-time editor of Digital Dealer Magazine where he organized the first two Digital Dealer Conferences held in Nashville.

Dealers can choose from our full menu of services covering . . .

  • Social Media Enhancement – Create social media content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Engagement Marketing
  • Create a dealer blog and originate and curate content
  • Development of Point of Sale Materials to reinforce brand messages
  • E-Commerce Strategy Development
  • Web monitoring and audits
  • Custom Landing pages
  • Event Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Reputation Marketing
  • Programs to boost morale and engage consumers
  • Create a video channel specifically for dealer promotions and educational videos (Not YouTube)
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Access to Hollywood Talent for commercials and local events

It's Time for Your Dealership to Stand Out in The Market!

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